Pre & Post Natal

My Story

I was blessed with beautiful baby girl which I gave birth to in 2012. And with all natural pregnancy comes weight gain. I have gained 14kg which is around 2 and half stones. And with my history of bulimia, there were times when I fell low and didn’t believe I can lose weight again. I was breast-feeding as well so I couldn’t lower my calorie intake. As well, I didn’t want to risk high impact exercises so I won’t lose the milk. But I took action. I ordered a DVD and when my baby girl was 6 months and started eating solid food as well, I started to exercise. I was exercising 6 days per week from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and had one day to rest. I used resistance bands and my own bodyweight and lost 9kg in 6 weeks. Since then, I am trying to keep healthy and do some kind of exercise on daily basis.

Before and After

We are women with busy life styles and completely understand that it is hard to find that special time for ourselves. We are mothers, partners, chefs, cleaners, shop assistants, taxi drivers, organisers, working women and on top of that we are trying to stay active. And we know how hard it is. But I know that everything can be done if you put your mind to it, we can find a little time to do something for ourselves. And the reward is a boost of energy, and a smile on our face and a brilliant feeling that we have done something good for ourselves ;) Join me in this journey to be happy :)